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I am impressed with Mississippi!


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I drove through on the way to DC, and let me say that I was very pleased with what I saw. Mississippi doesn't exactly have the best reputation around, but travelling through on I-20, the roads were excellent, the rest stops were appealing and clean, and the brief stops both in Vicksburg and Jackson showed me some nice-looking citites. Of all the states we went through on that trip, Mississippi impressed us the most. My Dad also raved about it, as when he rode through on the big Rolling Thunder veterans' ride, Mississippi was the first and only place that had folks waiting for the vets to come through with greeting signs and the like. It brought a tear to his eye because it was the first Welcome Home sign he had seen since going to Vietnam in the 60's.

I really just wanted to take the time to write this because we like Mississippi and really hope to return soon. Keep up the good work!

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Mississippi has indeed come a long way from its unpleasant past. Not that it is perfect, but it has taken enormous strides for which it has not received proper credit. There are issues like the Confederate battle flag being part of the state flag which ought to be addressed, but I agree that Mississippi has made great progress. It is good to see that those such as yourself are taking away a good impression.

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