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Mystery Project.


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Things in Kalamazoo aren't looking as bad economically as many places elsewhere in the State and in the country. A number of new jobs are coming to the county and while home prices may be down home sales are still up.

Interestingly I was scrounging for some development news and went to DKI's website where I found some interesting if not ambiguous news.


Anyone have any news or information about what this is?

Maybe they just haven't finished updating the story. (Not to build up false hopes or anything, but it kind of looks like an Apple Store)

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A little further research reveals:

PDF - Architectural Detail


It's registered for LEED certification at the Green Building council.

Registration info

So far it appears to be just a (welcome) facade renovation, but I wonder if there is a new tenant looking into it that spurred this change.

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I don't recall at the moment whether the Michigan New Agency is here or on the other side of Theo and Stacy's.

After a little scrounging I found this picture, but I don't want to post it without permission so I'll link it.


In my opinion, given what is there, this is a most welcome change!

P.s. in the picture, it's the building just to the left of McNally's with the bubble lights hanging down - a little dated.

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