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Regionalism in Connecticut


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I saw this in the Courant and wondered what people thought? Do you think that regionalism is a good thing for Connecticut?

I wonder about merging school districts as a way for making Hartford (and other older cities) more attractive places for people to live?

Regionalism: Blessing Or Curse?

Smarter Use Of Resources Should Guide Plans


Harford Courant October 26, 2008

I grew up near Hartford, and while I'm now an urban designer and city planner in North Carolina, my interest in Connecticut has never waned. The state has a problem that needs a solution.

Connecticut must learn to focus on its problems holistically and examine which regional environmental, land-use and transportation planning practices and mechanisms will maximize fiscal efficiency and yield the greatest return for citizens.

I believe society is better-served when all students are given equal access to educational opportunities. Growing up in Connecticut, my high school

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With Connecticut being small in area it seems to be a no brainer to co-operate with neighbours.

With Hartfords land area absolutely tiny it is imperitive it work with its neighbours.

The sad truth is that CT works closer with NY than any other State, and not in a locally productive way.(I am a NYer and I used to refer to CT as New Yorks nicest suburb. Jersey is our worst suburb) I guess I am a nutmegger now, but whatever.

Hartford has limited regional connections. I would love to see Hartford county restructure itself into the primary controlling government in the area. Call the County the city, then make the individual towns buroughs or districts.

If we get the regional rail built it will be key to create a regional transportation authority. kind of a forced regionalism. I would like to think that the area could create a regional sports authority to help build the next arena/sports team. (this is how all other cities do it)

I think there is a super vague and weak education corridore thing, but there could be so much more!!!

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This is promising and could set a very instructive precedent for the rest of the region and state. Let's hope they really take some bold action to save these fairly small towns some money on duplicative services.

Hartford Courant



Farmington Valley

Farmington Valley Towns To Think Regionally


The Hartford Courant

December 8, 2008


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I guess its a start.

only problem is that these are the rich towns, and the poor cities are the ones providing the additional services that are having the hardest time supporting them. I commend these efforts, but the world view is still greatly skewed. Services come from the city. every little town does not need to have the full list of services a city offers.

I would love to see the Hartford, and East Hartford mayors work together and share a great deal of services.

Policing, fire, and emergency services would be an easy cost cutting measure, and the savings could be used to put additional officers on the street.

The other major cost saver would be in admintrative cost like health care and retirement. I think the big city of Hartford could learn a lot from East Hartford.

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Its funny, the economic downturn has forced the state and the towns to think a little more regionally.


Nine Towns Support Voluntary Consolidation Of Probate Courts

Gov. M. Jodi Rell has proposed saving money and improving the probate court system by closing 81 of the 117 probate courts in small towns. She has also proposed requiring that all judges be lawyers with at least 10 years of experience. Not all probate court judges currently serving are lawyers. Rell's proposal needs legislative approval. In addition to seeking voluntary consolidation, the selectmen said they would ask that people pay higher fees to use the courts. They also said that they were adamantly against the state's proposal requiring that all probate court judges be lawyers.

I am not sure that this is really the regionalism that we were discussing, but I think anything that bridges towns can only lead to additional co-operation in he future.

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117 Probate Courts for 169 cities and towns, that is utterly ridiculous. No reason why West Hartford, East Hartford, Glastonbury etc should have their own court, why can't they drive 5 minutes into Hartford? There should be about 20 Probate Courts, maximum. Let's see:

Hartford, Bridgeport, Stamford, Waterbury, New Haven, New London, Torrington, Willimantic, Danbury, Meriden, Derby/Shelton/Ansonia, New Britain, Norwalk, Norwich, Colchester, Cornwall, Enfield, Putnam, Tolland, Norfolk/Canaan.

If people want to live in the woods, then they get the amenities of living in the woods, not their own Probate Count...

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