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Business Expansion- Angel Investors

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Fast-casual restaurants such as Moe's and Panera continue to outperform casual restaurants and fast food restaurants. The reason fast-casual restaurants remain resilient despite a challenging economic climate is due to the fact that they occupy a niche that allows for broad-based appeal.

For example, fast-casual consumers have an opportunity to "trade down" to lower-priced yet high-quality fresh food, while quick-service customers have a way to "trade up" to a more upscale "third place" environment that offers affordable food quickly at a cost that is usually only about $2 to $4 more than typical quick-service venues, according to the study. However, fast-casual's success has attracted the attention of both full-service restaurants and quick-service chains.

We have operated a local fast-casual restaurant for over two years and now we are ready for expansion. The concepts has a lot of potential for franchising. Please take a look at our website:

To take advantage of the opportunity we need additional capital. Are there any angel investors out there?

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