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What's next for Ann Arbor?

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So what does everyone (or someone) think will be next in Ann Arbor's future for development?

Since the economy is terrible at the moment, I doubt will be seeing much go up in the next 4-5 years except for maybe another student housing project, but here are some other things I expect to see.

By 2012 North Campus receives a new parking structure Confidency: 100%

By 2014 A new academic building/research building goes up on North Campus 60%

By 2015 An Elevated rail system begins construction between North and Central Campuses. 75% (Prelminary/Advisory Planning Nearing Completion, or completed)

By 2016 Kresge Research buildings on Medical campus replaced 100%

By 2016. Mary Markley Hall is demolished and replaced with a medical building. Demolished: 98% Replaced with medical building 90%

By 2018 Northwood Housing is demolished and replaced with a denser living environment 60%

Places I listed at or very close to 100%, I've seen in text, plans, documents, etc. Although the years are likely off, but the projects are sure to happen.

That's all about all I know or can guess, your thoughts and guesses?

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