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United Natural Foods (UNFI)


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http://www.villagernewspapers.com/pdf/KIL.2008.12.05.pdf (starts at bottom of 1, continues midway down 14)

In a nutshell: while UNFI is moving it's corporate headquarters to the ALCO building in Providence, the company plans to expand its warehouse in the Dayville section of Killingly CT. Seems like a net gain for jobs and growth. 150 jobs to PVD, while keeping at least 350-400 in the Quiet Corner CT.

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This move does make sense considering that the company was already very close to PVD. This is truly a pretty big boost for PVD in my opinion as it will provide a major new HQ for that city and the state of RI. I would have loved to keep them in the state somewhere, but this is still good for New England's urban growth prospects as a whole.

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