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Over the weekend, I was down in Milford. Heard some rumblings of things that might be happening there with the Showcase site, but I haven't found any web links of news about it.

Some developer might be looking to buy the several years vacant site and put up a new shopping plaza in the space, between Bridgeport Ave. (Route 1) and Cherry St. near where the two split. A few people in town are upset with the prospect of yet another strip mall on 1, but yet many (including myself) fear the site being bought by Kingdom Life Church and have yet another property taken off the tax rolls.

As far as I know though, nothing is official though.

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Well, that answers part of the question.

Now, what shows up in this retail development? Already plenty of stuff on the Post Road, so it should be interesting what may be heading into that location.

It'll be great though to see something done with that site, it's laid vacant for a few years now. And not being Kingdom Life, that's great news too.

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