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Clairol announces layoffs in Stamford

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Hopefully Stamford will be able to get a major tenant to take over this site. I'm sure it will work out OK in the end.

Stamford Advocate

Clairol announces layoffs in Stamford

By Michael C. Juliano

Staff Writer

Posted: 12/09/2008 01:31:03 PM EST

A guard checks cars entering the Clairol complex in this file photo. The company has announced layoffs as part of the plant's closing. (file photo)STAMFORD - Procter & Gamble has notified the state Department of Labor it will start laying off 320 full-time employees at its Clairol facility at the end of January as it moves to close the plant by April 2010.

According to a letter sent by the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company as required by the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, the layoffs at the factory at 1 Blachley Road will start on Jan. 30 and will "continue in phases" through March 2010.

Michael Freimuth, Stamford's economic development director, confirmed Monday that the layoffs are in addition to Procter & Gamble's notice in early October to lay off 350 temporary employees hired through Staff Management over a period of 18 months starting in January.

Procter & Gamble almost closed the facility a few years ago, but decided to stay after the city bought 15 acres of Clairol's property, Freimuth said.

"At this time, it's extremely difficult, but at the same time, these jobs have been targeted for elimination since 2004," he said.

Clairol's closure will free up one million square feet of the city's eight million square feet of industrial space, which, at the moment, is 2 percent vacant, Freimuth said.

"It'll put it back into the marketplace at a time when we still have firms which are industrial in nature looking to move here," he said.

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