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Urban Infill


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Why can't we have more developments, such as 103 West End Close and Southgate at 3821 West End, in or near our urban core? A bunch of these developments, which are not nearly as difficult to finance as 20 story condo buildings, really add up, are great infill, and create great urban neighborhoods.

I know we have developments in Germantown, and I love Harrison Square near the Municipal Auditorium, but there are too many vacant warehouses and surface parking lots for my liking, and these developments would add a lot to Nashville's downtown!



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As a Nashvillian, I applaud Memphis for its 30,000 residents living in the urban core! The only builders we have here in the development world are guys like Tony Giarratana who only want to build residences for the super wealthy. Yes, he had some units in the $160,000-200,000 range but that was ver few, and units with no view like the ones in the Viridian facing the wall of the L&C Tower.

Crossland, and others are building 1000's of condos between $250,000-$5,000,000 hardly affordable for 99% of Nashvillians. I'll take the Memphis model anyday.

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This is what this forum is trying to find out... I don't understand in this down economy developers can't build projects like 103 West End Close, etc. (at least the design of them), but at a cheaper price. That European design is what I want to see around town.

Skybolt- 1700 midtown, Vista Germantown, Harrison Square, Germantown in general... those are in the right direction I believe. Hopefully the trend will catch on.

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