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Great View everyone should see


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I will try and post some pictures but there are two incredible views I think every urban lover should see.

Next time you are downtown get on Union Street and head towards West End. You will go down a street curving to the left and you will overlook from above all of West End, Vanderbilt, Music Row, and Charlotte. It is amazing how dense our midtown is , I can only hope 1201 & Demonbreun is built and something goes up on West End Summit.

The Second view is from "Love Circle". It is a little difficult to find, but if you are at the intersection of Murphy Road and West End Ave, get on Acklen Ave and then onto a steep driveway which is love circle. I find the views better during the day, because you can see everything. Here is a picture I found on google.


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Never seen that love circle view. I'll have to check that out!

Interesting story here: I discovered that other view overlooking midtown a while back and almost got arrested while I was getting pictures of it because I had stumbled onto the property owned by the federal reserve (heh heh whoops!) that sits right there to the right of that turn on Union. I got all the pictures I needed but the police wanted to see my camera and review the pictures to make sure I wasn't scouting the place. So if you go take pictures around that area, be REALLY careful!! I ended up not even posting those pictures here because capital hill ended up offering a slightly better view so I posted that panorama insted. It's in the photo du jour thread and it was this past summer if you wanna check it out...

Edit- not last summer but last winter. My post is on Februray 19th, 2008.

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A really beautiful big city view of Nashville would have to be coming down Shelby Ave. from the East. Especially now that the trees have lost their leaves you get to see that "city glow" over the hill heading toward downtown. This view reminds me very much of Cincinnati driving up 75 before the Ohio River. A spectacular view at night, really brings out the density of both cities. Another nice view would be 65 south right before Trinity lane. This view expands the skyline all the way to West End. Always wanted to take a picture of these views.

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