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Shovel-ready Projects


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Hi bill! Welcome to the forums here. From what I understand most of the federal money will be to fund a possible Bus Rapid Transit system or a Light Rail system or, if miracles exist... Both. Now this will only happen if the voters approve a dedicated funding source as the Feds will not grant any federal money to fund transit without it. Other possibilities include finishing highway 840 or a roll road between Nashvile and Hendersonville though I think that got the boot a while back. Personally, I would like to see 440 revamped, widened, and better connected to Briley Pkwy (possibly forming a complete outer loop around Nashville. I couldn't really care less about 840 as I will never use it.

Outside of transportation related infrastructre, I'm not too sure. Maybe someone else knows around here?

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I am pretty sure the infrastructure bill will be dedicated to projects ready to go. That is, projects that have been designed, but unfunded or projects that can jump through the environmental hoops fairly quickly (that may be an oxymoron).

The projects you mentioned require months and years of planning, public involvement and environmental vetting and defeat the purpose of the economic incentive bills to get money on the streets as soon as possible. Most of the projects included in the bill will include bridge repair, repaving, etc.

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