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What stores, restaurants, or retail developments do feel are missing in your city? With the economic situation going on, some stores may not be available for expansion into new markets.

West Murfreesboro:

Macy's (Stones River Mall)

Banana Republic (The Avenues)

Abercromie and Fitch (The Avenues)

Coach (The Avenues)

J.Alexander's (!!!)

Earth Fare (The Avenues, an outstanding alternative to Whole Foods found in Knoxville and Asheville)

South Murfreesboro

Trader Joes (Rutherford Boulevard)

Costco (Barfield Area)

Home Depot (Barfield Area)

Third Walmart (Barfield Area)

North Murfreesboro

Second T.J. Maxx w/Home Goods (Hwy 231)

Super Target (Hwy 231)

A True Upscale Mall to serve Northern Murfreesboro, the wealthiest area in the city. The mall would also serve as a super-regional mall anchoring Southern Middle Tennessee & the Southern Nashville MSA. Anchors would include Macy's, Nordstrom, & Border's Bookstore and a host of other retail. While the Avenues does have great building materials, the mall is not upscale. The planners who said this would be a regional draw from as far away as Huntsville and even made comparisons to Cool Springs had not done their research.

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