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Louise Lucas suing Portsmouth over project


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Sen Lucas to request financing for hotel project again

State Sen. Louise Lucas plans to again ask the city for access to millions in low-cost financing for a hotel and conference center at Victory Village.

She would use the money to help pay for the same project that was investigated by the State Corporation Commission earlier this year.

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Lucas Sue's Portsmouth

I was just going to post this in the Portsmouth development thread, but since this subject has now evolved beyond the project itself I wanted to give it it's own thread. As an African American, nothing would make me prouder than to see qualified minority businessmen step up to the plate, finance a project like this themselves, and put Portsmouth back on track. That said, Sen. Lucas has become an embarrassment to the city and her constituents. To sue a cash strapped city for $97 million because they won't give you money to build your project is shockingly greedy and borderline corrupt. Beyond the obvious conflict of interest, what she is doing to this city is tantamount to extortion. Give me my money or I'll sue you for twice as much. Ridiculous. Lucas needs to either step down or she needs to be removed from office. It has become glaringly obvious that she cares nothing for the people she serves and only for herself. She would rather turn this into an issue of race and divide the city than accept defeat gracefully and move on. This is exactly the type of politician that makes my skin crawl and I would hope that someone with oversight is looking into her past dealings and how she has conducted herself with regards to this matter. /rant

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It threw me off when i saw this thread, i was like, i didn't start this, haha

I agree vdogg, i'm not certain of the state rules regarding a recall, but you hit the nail on the head with your points. Some additional things (i just read the updated article)

After initially raising almost $2 million in illegal solicitation from investors, Lucas is down to $700,000. Losing almost 65% of your investment probably helped trigger this lawsuit.

To imply that in no way does those impact her upcoming hearing at the City Council, as she was quoted, is foolhardy at best. What exactly is she attempting to gain? As one of the city council members said, that's a strange way to lobby for votes.

It was also revealed in the article that the investors are only investing in the conference center, not the hotel portion. While a good business decision for Lucas, it's a complete fleece for investors, who should be called supporters. There is NO money return in a conference center, let alone a conference center in Portsmouth that would have furious competition. Money would flow to the hotel and local economy, but to call it investing for a project that won't generate a financial return is the anti-thesis of the word.

There is no support for Lucas on this farce. Zero. The city will almost certainly reject her out of hand. Constituents will be turned off (yet she'll still manage to be re-elected, there's something fishy about Portsmouth politics, same as Jannou still being in office) While we ridicule VP for a variety of things, shining a light on her illegal activities, solicitations and business set-up has helped to expose a crook. Kudos to VP for being out in front on this.

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It's worth noting that a) Portsmouth wisely rejected the new application, and b) Lucas has dropped her lawsuit, coincidentally after her new plan was rejected. Sarcasm included. Here's hoping she gets a primary challenge this year, and this will be the last we heard of this boondoggle

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