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Spartanburg's Stimulus Projects


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To date I have not heard much of anything about the Upstate's cities in terms of what they are requesting for funding via the infrastructure/stimulus bill. I did, however, come across this info from Transportation for America. Its part of a larger list of bicycle and pedestrian projects that Spartanburg is requesting. On this list, Spartanburg County and Bluffton are the only entities that submitted anything. I would not take this to be a comprehensive list for Spartanburg, or assume that Spartanburg and other cities in South Carolina have not submitted projects via other lists. Hopefully we'll learn more information about other projects over time.


Chesnee Ped and Elder Ready Community $121,800


Streetscape / Sidewalks etc $384,210


Gateway Project $184,500


Streetscape / Bike Lanes $134,784

Spartanburg County

Country Club Rd paved shoulders $5,200,000

Copperline Drive Multi-Use Path $150,000

Tyger River Bridge Connection $186,000

Sidewalk repair $472,000

According to my understanding, projects submitted to this list have to be ready to bulid or very close to it, so even if these aren't funded, its possible we could see these happen at some point in the future.

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Major update on this item. The City has released the projects that its going to submit for the stimulus funding:

  • Renaissance Park infrastructure improvements: second phase for projects that aren't funded, but on which engineering work has been done

  • Midtowne Heights and Forest Park infrastructure improvements

  • Local storm drain projects

  • Beaumont Mill sewer

  • Energy-efficiency projects, such as a new city hall, fire stations, parking garages, recreation centers and street lighting

  • Arkwright landfill cleanup

  • Airport projects, which could include a new airport apron, terminal, access road and T-hangar facility

  • Transit-related projects, such as bus shelters and associated child-care facilities

  • Parks

    • Stewart Park

    • Barnet Park improvements

    • Duncan Park Stadium

    • Signal Replacements

      • Church Street

      • Pine Street

      • Intersection work

        • Franklin & Howard Street intersection improvements

        • Bomar & South Liberty intersection realignment


        [*]North Converse St

        [*]Broad St

        [*]Other street paving projects that aren't eligible for Spartanburg Area Transportation Study funding

        Source: HJ Article

        I was very excited to see this list. I hope that the streetscapes are funded and the Beaumont sewer system... that needs a lot of work from what I understand. I also hope that the "other streetscapes" includes East Main St.

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Has anyone seen anything about what stimulus projects may get funded?

The HJ article about RJ Rockers says that they discussed this at Monday's council meeting, but nothing was published that I could see as to what projects they discussed.

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