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2008 Population Estimates

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Here are the latest estimates as of July 2008 according to the US Census.

1. Puerto Rico: 3,954,037 (+145,434) *since 2000

2. Hawaii: 1,288,198 (+76,660) *since 2000

3. Alaska: 686,293 (+59,362) *since 2000

4. Guam: 175,991 (+20,667) *since 2000

5. Virgin Islands, U.S.: 109,840 (+1,201) *since 2000

6. Northern Mariana Islands: 86,616 (+16,910) *since 2000

7. American Samoa: 64,827 (+11,056) *since 2000

Total: 6,365,802 (+331,290) *since 2000

The Census revised/made adjustments (to) their previous annual estimates again and i'm sure that by 2009 these (2008 figures) estimates will look different too.

Anyhow each State, Territory and Commonwealth continues to grow overall even though theres heavy out-migration from most of them.

If these estimates and growth rates are close to actual I don't think that Puerto Rico will break the 4,000,000 mark by 2010. However, Hawaii may finally exceed 1.3 million and Alaska 700,000.

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Here are some of the latest demographic changes and racial components as of July 2008. Sorry that the State figures include California, Oregon and Washington but I got too lazy to cut them out when I created it and posted it elsewhere. :(



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