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I thought that it may be a good idea to showcase our pets, as those of us without children dedicate a pretty big chunk of our lives to our furry or slimey friends. That, and posting pics of children on the internet usually leads to bad things... but I digress.

We have a 13-week old Boxer puppy named Tessie - pics to come shortly. Let's see your favorite pet pics, guys!

... Also good for pet play dates and a great chance to network

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Lucy and Ethel are ~5 year old schnoodles. We've had them for almost a year and a half now. Lucy's various nicknames: Lucy Lou, Lucifer. Ethel's various names: Ethel Mae, Ethel Greybeard, Snaggle(tooth)






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Kitto, who I found as a kitten 16 years ago on a bike tour.


Her guardian said "you should take her home. Someone dumped her at my son's fishing hole last week, and we already have three cats." She's been a great pal.

Blanche, born in a feral situation and now nicely socialized.


I'm told this is what you get when your intact male Siamese finds him a calico sweetheart: a flame-point Siamese. Blanchie does not have that loud yowl indemic to meezers, but she is a chatterbox.

And Thumbsie. He was the door prize at my last rental situation, made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Very affectionate and people-loving (has been known to follow me around).


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She's a Boxer through and through - she's the third one I have had - they all go through a transitionary period from 3-5 months where they don't quite look like a puppy and haven't gotten the distinguishable square boxer jaws and head and adult Boxer has - but yes, AKC fawn boxer with a hint of tiger brindle.

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