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Little Italy & share your city's Little Italy/s

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About 5km form the traditonal Sydney CBD, heading west of the CBD.

Certainly stimulating the economy on and around Norton Street in Sydney's inner-city suburb of Leichhardt (affectionately also known as "Dykeheart" B) due to the large lesbian demographic).

Structures in the area ranging from the The Town Hall of Leichhardt's area i.e. City Hall - an extremely beautiful structure built in 1888. Its style is a hybrid of Victorian Italianate & Victorian Free Classical:

The Town Hall.



2 glimpses of Norton Street's architecture:



The Italian Forum, built in stages from mid-1999 - 2000. Architects of this Tuscan influenced post-modern complex were Romaldo Giurgola & Colin Griffiths. It consists of stores, restaurants, coffee lounges, 157 residential apartments, a huge enclosed plaza and a specialist Italian library:




......and with Dante's fountain:


***BTW Official website for for The Italian Forum is (informative as well as propaganda-ish) @ http://www.italianforum.com.au/index.asp

The Palace Cinema Norton 4 cinema complex (often showing Itlaian movies and/or Italian Film festivals):



The 'sweet tooth's' drawcard, gelati - Yeeeeeeeeey!! - *Licks lips and slurps*


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Greater Toronto has over 400,000 Italians, and 2 very large "Little Italies". In most cities, Little Italy extends only a few blocks, but Toronto's commercial Little Italy neighborhoods extend for many, many city blocks. I have a few pictures of one of them. I'll post them later.

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^ look forward to them G W North ^, indeed!!

In the meantime. pics of Little Italy in Syracuse. NY State:





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Providence's Little Italy is Federal Hill, and it happens to be the neighbourhood I live in. These pics are from a thread I posted a while back.

Federal Hill

The Federal Hill Arch is the main entrance to Federal Hill from Downcity Providence.


Old Canteen Restaurant


Mediterraneo Restaurant, one of the best in Providence


Atwells Avenue at Dean Street looking toward Downcity. The tower in the picture is Dominica Manor, an assisted living facility. There is talk of another tower being built to the right of it, hopefully a better looking tower.


I have no idea what this church is called, all I know is I hear it

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Sydney's 2nd Little Italy, in and around Stanley St, East Sydney which is an inner-city area less than 1/2km's walk to Sydney city's mid-town CBD.

It started with only 1 or 2 Italian restaurants and about the same number of Italian coffee shops. That was just under 20 years ago. Now almost triple that number for both the restaurants and coffee cafes for appox. present numbers.

Low aerial of the area:


2 pics of the Stanley Street Apartments built in the 1920s. The Itlalian restaurants and coffee shops/cafes are visible @ the base:



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