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Downtown Restaurant for a Rehearsal Dinner?


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Hello, I'm searching for a downtown restaurant for a rehearsal dinner. Ideally, we could rent out a room/private space for about 20 people max. The wedding is at Fountain Street Church, and, while I'd prefer a downtown location, any nice place will do (for example, does Naya have a separate area?). While I plan to research this myself in the next week or two, I figure the best resource I can find is fellow UP'ers!

I am looking for a place that: 1) would showcase the city's great restaurants, and 2) have a private area where we could dine. Any suggestions are welcome. Have you ever been to a good one? Please let me know, thanks in advance!!!

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I have not been to the upstairs space at San Chez, so I can't comment on the space. The food of course and service is awesome there in general. I know Bistro Bella Vita has a private space as well, though IIRC it may be bigger than what you are looking for. Food and service there are always good also. If anyone is a member of the GRAM you might inquire there as well, for a very interesting venue, i am not sure how the food is. I think Louis Bentons has a private room also.

Oh..just remembered Bar Divini have some private spaces, I think they are in a gallery next door. I have not done an event there either, but their food is very good, and service always seems good also.

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