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Hey guys, I'm new here and just recently declared geography with a specific focus in urban planning as my undergraduate major. My question is: does it matter if my undergrad school is non-accredited, especially since I plan to attend an accredited graduate school? I just kind of stumbled upon this major and found it quite interesting- I would have gone to an accredited school if I knew straight out of high school that I would choose this career path.

Thanks, this site is very interesting and quite helpful!

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If you transfer from a non-accredited to an accredited, be prepared for quite a few of your credits to not transfer, this being due to the fact that accredited schools have had their course work examined for content and approved by the accreditation boards, which makes them more acceptable to other institutions. The content of a course for non-accredited courses has not been verified by the accreditation board and as a result, the majority of schools will not take a chance on them because they have no way of verifying that the content taught was in line with what the accreditation boards want their curriculum to cover. The school I'm getting my second degree from, for instance, will not accept any credits at all from a non-accredited school. I would save yourself the headache and just go to an accredited school.

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I am new here too, and I am from China.

Geography was one of my courses in uni, it was quite interesting. I like it very much, I learned quite a lot about it in middle and high schools.

The subject aroused inside me a great desire to travel around the world.

I completed university a year and a half ago. My majoy was Hydropower station engineering, something like the Three Gorges Dam, the biggest of its kind in the world.

Hope you can enjoy your subject.

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