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More Outdoor Dining Options


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Operation New Birmingham and Cafe Dupont owner Chris Dupont are banking on more outdoor seating bringing life to downtown. They are currently working with the city of Birmingham to streamline the process to allow outdoor seating.

I certainly hope they are successful. Birmingham Green is such a beautiful stretch and could create an incredible atmosphere if restaurants were allowed outdoor dining space, provided there is adequate space.

What is your favorite restaurant with outdoor seating?

Which restaurants should consider outdoor seating?

Push on for more outdoor seating at downtown Birmingham restaurants

Hope you're all glad to see my return :P

My personal favorite: ROJO

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Welcome back, Bravo! I hope this push for outdoor dining is successful. Have you been to downtown Mobile in the last couple of years? They've done a great job of encouraging outdoor seating, especially at some restaurants around Cathedral Square, and it would be great to see more of this in B'ham. Some second floor eateries with balconies overlooking the street would be cool too. In the long run, there ought to be tons of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating along Birmingham Green and in the loft district.

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Welcome back, BRAVO! Your contribution is greatly appreciated. My personal favorite restaurant here is the Fish Market on the Southside though their outdoor seating is technically climate-controlled. I don't venture much to many restaurants since I enjoy cooking at home, but I would probably recommend the Zoe's Kitchen in the City Center.

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