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6 downtown buildings to be demolished

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Here are pictures of some of the places for those not familiar, those not shown below weren't really worth taking pictures of.

Adams Theatre- the facade will be kept.


145 Elizabeth- I'm glad this one is being torn down


2030 West Grand River- This one kinda surprised me, it appears to be in decent condition on the inside and out.


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Allan    0

The building in "good" condition is coming down, but I highly doubt it's coming down for a new hockey arena, since to fit a new hockey arena in that spot, the Moose Lodge would be coming down too, and it would be stupid for them to take that building down after they invested all kinds of money into the place. The building is salvageable, but I think that the Ilitches feel that it's more trouble than it's worth. There were people living in there until a few years ago, but it was a Dennis Kefallinos property, and we all know his track record!

The only other building that's of note is the Fine Arts, but as anyone who's been inside can tell you, that building is way beyond repair. They are attempting to salvage the facade, but they are not even totally sure that it can be saved.

Only in Detroit would a parking garage be demolished to build a parking lot!

My only real beef with these demolitions is that they are being paid for with public funds.

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tracer1138    0

My best guess would be that, the owners don't see the potential to lease the space or sell the building(s) as is and so they're hoping to make some money with parking lots instead. Romantic eh?

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