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Flavor Flav/Nite Tales movie shoot in Sacramento


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about a year ago i got a chance to meet Flavor Flav, Sticky Fingaz, & Fredro Starr in Sacramento, Ca whil;e on the set of a movie called Nite Tales... well now i guess that movie is coming out on Dvd supposedly on the 3rd of Feb...... so if your from Sacramento and you would like to see some of your city in a movie nows your chance to check it out.... by the way Flavor Flav is one of the nicest celebs (or one of the only celebs) I met....lol but now.... I guess they said that theyll be shooting a series follow up of the movie here also..... so if i get anymore news on where yall can come check it out for yourselves....u might even get a chance to be in it somehow who knows...lol

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That's so cool that that movie was shot in sacramento. I never realized that. I watched it on BET on halloween and it was actually a really good horror flick. I guess there's supposed to be a series based on the movie coming out pretty soon. wonder if they'll keep filming it in Sac.

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