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Hartford/West Hartfords Obama list

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This is an important process taking place around this country and I think deserves its own thread.

You may not approve of any kind of bail out, but I think most people see the values of a main street stimulus plan over a wall street stimulus plan.


This is the running list of cities that have put in requests from the United States Conference of Mayors.

Not every city has put in their request yet, but many have. in my opinion many are just being greedy and it bothers me, but Hartford is one of the least greedy.

The posts I made in the other thread i list things I would like to see added to Hartfords list, but after reading this web site more and seeing what other cities have asked for I have a few different requests.

I would like to see Hartford make requests on a regional level.

The city does not include many of the infrastructure pieces that cities of equal size around the country do, therefore the Mayor of Hartford should take an opportunity to represent the region a little bit on this one.

Providence is asking for ~$550M

Bridgeport is asking for ~$750M

Hartford is asking for $70M?!?!!!?

I would like to see renovations to the Hartford AMTRAK train station and any other stations included in the commuter rail.

-these renovations could commence immediately while the other parts of the commuter rail are being looked over. This way the project will be quite far along and AMTRAK service will be improved in the mean time.

I would like to see work completed at BDL Airport on the new terminals etc...and maybe a train station.

I would like to see Colt gateway revieve the same level of city backing as capewell is.

The city should advance plans for 101 and 111 pearl on its own dime at this point

I would like to see the wadsworth expansion come back into play.

I would like to see some funds for parking garages that have bee proposed in the past (behind the BOA building and next to the ATT Building)

The safety complex is a great one, I like that.

Capewell I like that one too

Some examples of what other cities have asked for

Las VegasNVCDBGLas Vegas City Hall and Parking Garage � Construct a new City Hall and Parking Garage within Downtown Las Vegas. 167,000,000 835

Las VegasNVCDBGLas Vegas Performing Arts Center � Construct a new Performing Arts Center within the City�s Union Park Development. 375,000,000 1875

PittsburghPACDBGRe-use of Vacant Schools - Adaptive reuse, reconfiguration and rehabilitation of 22 closed schools into residential/mixed used developments 10,000,000 391

PittsburghPACDBGSupermarket Development - Support of supermarket infrastructure and development in City's underserved neighborhoods 15,000,000 487

Salt Lake CityUT Transit Construct two light rail extensions downtown (400 South extension to Hub and 700 South/400 West extension) to complete the adopted Downtown Transportation Master Plan light rail system $175,000,000 150

Salt Lake CityUT Transit Construction of a new streetcar line in southwest downtown connecting the intermodal transportation center with major destinations including a regional park, providing an underpass for the streetcar and major trail under the Union Pacific Railroad mainlin $100,000,000 100

PortlandMEAirportJetport Terminal expansion66,000,000 50PortlandMEAirportAirport terminal apron7,800,000 25

San AntonioTXAirportConstruction of New Airport Terminal C125,000,000 500

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I fully agree. We need to get all that we can get and Perez should be speaking for the region. If he brings home some goodies for the burbs it will make them look at him and the city in a little better light. These investments from the fed are beyond past due if you ask me.

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CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

West HartfordCTCDBGCommunity Center Improvements1,000,000 40

West HartfordCTCDBGSewer improvements800,000 40

West HartfordCTCDBGSidewalk replacement500,000 40

West HartfordCTCDBGEconomic development streetscape1,000,000 50

West HartfordCTCDBGHandicap accessibility1,000,000 50

West HartfordCTCDBGHousing Rehab.500,000 50

West HartfordCTCDBGStreet reconstruction2,000,000 50

West HartfordCTEnergyVehicle replacement400,000 10

West HartfordCTEnergyBoiler Replacement schools2,750,000 50

West HartfordCTEnergySchool window replacemnt1,700,000 50

West HartfordCTEnergyFuel Cell installation rink/pool3,000,000 90

West HartfordCTEnergyStreet light led upgrade4,500,000 100

West HartfordCTHousingExpansion of senior housing complex20,000,000 300

West HartfordCTPublic SafetyAdditional personel1,000,000 10

West HartfordCTPublic Safetypublic safety equipment2,500,000 50

West HartfordCTPublic Safetyfire station replacement10,500,000 200

West HartfordCTSchoolsschool fire safety improvements2,200,000 75

West HartfordCTSchoolsSchool ventilation improvements2,400,000 80

West HartfordCTSchoolsschool fiber optic improvements3,500,000 85

West HartfordCTStreets/RoadsArterial Street Reconstruction3,000,000 40

West HartfordCTStreets/RoadsStreet pedestrian safety improvements2,500,000 50


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Sadly the Arena idea just wont be ready in time etc.

also I dont think its shovel ready in 120 days or able to be completed within 2 years :P

but yeah it would be great ehh

Hell I wish we could get some money to stimulate some of the other projects on the drawing board that are stalled.

we are asking for 8 mill for capewell, so I think we could certainly ask for say 10 million to push the Northland condo tower (i know its dead till the credit market changes) or we could ask for 2 million each for the pearl street buildings, or maybe 5 mill for AI engineering just to help out or maybe 5 more for the hotel property

hell there are all kinds of things that we could ASK for :)

The arena will really be a long term thing. but by the way I see it if things are not pretty far along planning wise by Jan 1 2010 we will be in some trouble.

2013 is the day they want to have a new arena.

If Ammon gets the Gov job I see it as completely do-able. depending on if Perez is mayor or if another pro arena mayor is in the post.

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There is an article about all the stimulus spending going on right now.

only one thing in hartford, park road construction! again

but apparently the asphalt companies are making a killing right now looking at the list.


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There were some articles a while ago about those lots being for sale by ATT, but they were expensive and had a huge list of deed conditions. the city was seriously looking to buy them and backed out because of these reasons. I think Northland won the auction in the end for maybe part of the land, but there is some huge phone system undreground too so it makes anything built there quite difficult.

i will try and find some articles after I vaccum :)


I found a PDF from May 10, 2007 allowing the HPA president to bid on the property.

Its Item 8


here is a link to a HBJ article archived by the library


By LAURA SCHREIER, Hartford Business Journal Staff Writer

December 24, 2007

AT&T has confirmed that it is close to finalizing a deal that would finally sell off a prime downtown parking lot in Hartford. The telecommunications giant has confirmed that it has identified a high bidder for the property, marking the first sign of progress in the sale of the long-idle and much-contested piece of land. However, it declined to identify the high bidder.

Chuck Coursey, spokesman for Northland, neither confirmed nor denied that the major Hartford developer was working with AT&T to buy the lot.

Despite its unbeatable location, the lot has had some significant hurdles to overcome. The City of Hartford initially registered as a bidder, but had decided to pass on the lot, mostly because of AT&T's requirements for the sale.

The company had put forward certain prerequisites, including an agreement that the buyer provide 80 free parking spaces and as many as 120 more discounted spaces for occupants of the AT&T building at 111 Trumbull St.

I also found this PDF about the cities redevelopment plan for Downtown West


it is a preliminary plan, but it outlines the parking situation in this part of the city.

page 16

I do not think there was ever much more than that.

The land was never sold it is still owned by AT&T



Who knows maybe it would be cheaper land now and I am sure the city parking authority has more parking funds now that its 2 years later.

I do think it would be nice if the city could get some fed funds to buy the land and build a garage to help support economic development. Not sure it would count as creating jobs kind of stuff, but if paving a crap load of roads counts, building a parking garage must as well ehh?

**EDIT #2**

The lot right next to the building is certainly garage worthy, but I have to say that I think the chatter back 2 years ago might have included that old synagogue too or whatever it was.

With that smaller building included there is the potential to build a decent sized garage.

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I dont believe the lot directly next to ATT was ever for sale, it was the lot further down abutting Ann St. And, there are reasons that the lot next to the building is a surface lot, and that side of the building has no windows...

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