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New Haven/West Haven/Meriden Obama lists

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CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

New HavenCTCDBGBrewery Square Seawall Reconstruction: the seawall is badly deteriorating and needs reconstruction. The park walkway is washing away. Steel Sheetpilings must be patched and concrete backing must be poured1,000,000 10

New HavenCTCDBGDover Beach Seawall: Complete repairs to the section of the seawall located at Dover Beach Park715,000 10

New HavenCTCDBGEastshore Park Erosion Control Phase II700,000 10

New HavenCTCDBGBowen Field: Improvements to fields, track, bleachers, restrooms and ADA compliance15,000,000 65

New HavenCTCDBGRiver Street Industrial Park. 1. MDP Phase II: Sidewalk/Street improvements, lighting/signal work. 2. Brownfields: Environmental remediation of soils and factory buildings. 3. Waterfront: Construct bulkheads/walkway/park8,200,000 125

New HavenCTEnergyWind Turbine at Sound School: A 750kW wind turbine at the Sound School Vocational Aquaculture Center would fulfill all of the facility's electrical needs, creating ongoing savings of approximately $300,000 per year2,600,000 20

New HavenCTEnergyCentral Utility Plant and Fuel Cell: Utility Plant that will provide mechanical / electrical services for new schools - Hill Central and Clemente School - inclusion of Fuel Cell for minimizing peak demands6,500,000 65

New HavenCTEnergyDistrict-wide High Performance and Sustainable Energy Efficiency Improvements: Improve energy efficiency and sustainability for various school buildings with low e glass installation and high performance energy management system upgrades (including upgra20,000,000 225

New HavenCTSchoolsDistrict-wide code compliance and accessibility upgrades: ADA accessibility upgrade for civil rights compliance at several schools, including restrooms, counters, ramps, elevators, labs, signage, doors and swimming pools.8,000,000 85

New HavenCTSchoolsDavis Street School: Abate and demolish the existing Davis Street School and construct a new pre-K-8 school in its place. New school building would use highest quality energy efficiency measures48,000,000 500

New HavenCTStreets/RoadsDowntown / Medical District Congestion Management Program: Replacement of 12 traffic signals in / around Yale New Haven Hospital and the Yale Medical District3,000,000

New HavenCTStreets/RoadsMajor Arterial Rehabilitation: Mill and pave Congress Avenue from Davenport Avenue to North of Ward Street440,000 15

New HavenCTStreets/RoadsCrown Street Renovation Program: Structural repairs, waterproofing, electrical work, mechanical, plumbing, signage, elevator, etc. associated with a complete state-of-good-repair reconstruction.5,700,000 25

New HavenCTStreets/RoadsProspect Street Bridge Replacement: Replace bridge, signalization and approaches - bridge in "poor" condition.3,500,000 25

New HavenCTStreets/RoadsQuinnipiac Avenue Phase I: Road reconstruction and Traffic Calming7,000,000 70

New HavenCTStreets/RoadsState Street Bridge: Replace the bridge carrying State Street over the Mill River. Bridge is in "critical" condition according to CT-DOT inspections7,600,000 76

New HavenCTWaterDistrict-wide Paving and Drainage Water Conservation Measures: Drainage and erosion control, including use of gray water for irrigation systems, water detention cisterns, pervious pavement for parking areas and retaining walls6,000,000 65

Totals:$143,955,000.00 1,391.00

Meriden put together a pretty thorough list.

I bolded a couple interesting items.

i wonder however what happened to the plan to re do the whole of downtown with that park and the train station.

its a shame the train station is not on this list.

CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

MeridenCTCDBGConstruct job seeker computer center at Meriden Public Library. Public/community facility serving low mod clients. 50,000 3

MeridenCTCDBGExpand downtown WiFi network. Public infrastructure project in downtown/low mod income area. 50,000 4

MeridenCTCDBGDemolish Blighted Structures at 84/88 Grove Street. Redevelop area as public parking. Site located in low mod area. 420,000 5

MeridenCTCDBGDemolish two blighted structures on Miller Street. Redevelop site with City-owned parking area to serve Meriden Public Library and low mod clients. 500,000 8

MeridenCTCDBGReplace pool at Hubbard Park. Public/community facility serving low mod clients. 1,200,000 9

MeridenCTCDBGDemolish Blighted Structures at City-owned Factory H Brownfields Site. Redevelop site as mixed use area and open space. Site located in low mod area. 3,700,000 65

MeridenCTCDBGConstruct needed utilities and infrastructure at City-owned Meriden HUB brownfields site. Redevelop site as mixed use area and open space. Site located in low mod area. 10,000,000 200

MeridenCTEnergyReplace windows, heating and HVAC systems at City Hall for energy conservation.1,000,000 4

MeridenCTEnergyConstruct Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle fueling station for use by the City fleet. 500,000 5MeridenCTEnergyInstall backup generator for use by Meriden Public Library, Health Department and Board of Education. 900,000 5

MeridenCTEnergyReplace windows at Augusta Curtis Cultural Center for energy conservation.225,000 5

MeridenCTEnergyReplace windows, heating and HVAC systems at Meriden Public Library for energy conservation. 1,000,000 6

MeridenCTEnergyInstall two 400 kWh Fuel Cells for electricity generation to be used by the City's Water Pollution Control Plant on Evansville Ave. 4,000,000 8

MeridenCTEnergyReplace windows, heating and HVAC systems at Meriden Health Dept./Stoddard Building for energy conservation.1,500,000 10

MeridenCTEnergyReplace roof and install solar PV array for building's electricity needs at Meriden Parks & Recreation building. 750,000 12

MeridenCTEnergyReplace windows, heating and HVAC systems and other exterior improvements at DPW Facility located at Michael Drive for energy conservation.3,000,000 14

MeridenCTPublic SafetyInstall emergency electrical generator at South Meriden Volunteer Fire Department.55,000 3

MeridenCTPublic SafetyInstall security cameras and internet communications at Meriden Health Center located in the Stoddard Building.70,000 3

MeridenCTPublic SafetyPurchase two-site simulcast and dispatch communications equipment for City's Emergency Operations Center and Police Dispatch. 3,200,000 3

MeridenCTPublic SafetyPurchase new servers, network equipment, electrical and data cables for Police Department Data Center. 60,000 5

MeridenCTPublic SafetyInstall high-speed Fiber SONET Ring network to allow for networking among City buildings. 600,000 6

MeridenCTPublic SafetyConstruct Impound/Evidence Storage Facility at City transfer facility to house and process impound evidence.800,000 10

MeridenCTPublic SafetyRenovate Fire Stations 4, 5, 2 and 3 to address ongoing maintence problems, environmental issues, code issues, and outdated heating systems. Install Access Control System in all 5 City Fire Stations5,909,000 20

MeridenCTPublic SafetyConstruct addition to Police Department headquarters to accommodate community police program.5,500,000 30

MeridenCTSchoolsReplace pools at City High Schools to meet State law. Incoporate renewable energy technologies in pool reconstruction.5,500,000 9

MeridenCTSchoolsConstruct building addition at Hanover Elementary School to accommodate all-day kindergarden.5,500,000 40

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsInstall new signals on West Main and Bradley, and on Lewis and Springdate to mitigate traffic congestion at those intersections.300,000 4

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsConstruct City-owned parking lot at Colony and Church. Lot will serve Central Business District. 200,000 6

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsConstruct new retaining wall to replace deteriorating wall on Prospect Street.750,000 6

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsLocate and enter in all water, sewer and drainage as-built infrastructure into City GIS database. 750,000 6

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsRepair/Construct sidewalks on Broad Street from I-691 to East Main Street.750,000 6

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsRepair/Construct sidewalks on Oregon Road from Wilcox Technical School to Quinnipiac River Watershed Association Building. 750,000 6

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsConstruct drainage system behind homes off Boylson and Maple St.250,000 8

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsComplete Olive Street Reconstruction between Elm Street and Broad Street.475,000 10

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsConstruct Hazmat Storage Building at DPW complex.400,000 10

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsImprove drainage on Cheshire/New Cheshire Roads to eliminate icing problem.1,000,000 10

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsInstall new sidewalks and drainage on Curtis Street. 1,000,000 10

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsComplete annual sidewalk contruction and repair of existing sidewalks.500,000 12

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsReconstruct southerly portion of Finch Ave. 1,150,000 12

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsReplace damaged guiderails citywide. 150,000 12

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsComplete annual street paving and road repairs. 2,000,000 14

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsRepair sidewalks, curbing and crosswalks in Central Business District. Reinvest in prior streetscape expenditures by City.1,000,000 15

MeridenCTStreets/RoadsReconstruct 5 miles of public roads in City-owned Hubbard Park. 2,000,000 18

MeridenCTWaterConstruct Heating Sytem at Broad Brook Treatment Plant.400,000 5

MeridenCTWaterDesign-build electrical upgrades to Platt and Lincoln wells. Project consists of replacing all outdated electrical equipment with code-compliant equipment.90,000 5

MeridenCTWaterComplete sewer rehabiliation from Griswold Street to Center Street. Project includes relining sanitary sewers.100,000 6

MeridenCTWaterRemove 24" sanitary sewer from Hanover Pond. 500,000 6

MeridenCTWaterDesign-build sanitary sewer replacement from Oakland Gardens to Griswold Street. Project will address sewer overflows at Jack Barry Field.500,000 8

MeridenCTWaterUpgrade 28- year old Silver Lake Pump Station. Upgrades include all mechanical and electrical equipment. 1,000,000 12

MeridenCTWaterClean cement lining of all iron water mains in City Water Department system. Project includes replacement of all valves and hydrants. 2,500,000 20

MeridenCTWaterComplete sewer rehabiliation in sub-basin 17. Project includes relining sanitary sewers, structural spot repairs, and rebuilding manhole covers in City Water Department system. 2,500,000 20

MeridenCTWaterDesign-build Broad Brook Pump Station Upgrade and Rehabiliation. Project consists of upgrading pumps, motors, motor control panel, pipine and other structures.1,920,000 20


CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

West HavenCTCDBGPublic beach restoration project800,000 10

West HavenCTCDBGStreetscaping - Route 1 Boston Post Road; Campbell Avenue; Main Street3,000,000 25

West HavenCTPublic SafetyAdditional School Resource Officers assigned to public schools. The Schoool Resource Officer Program has been very successful in the upper grades and would be successful if we implement a SRO assigned exclusively to the lower grades for continuity75,000 1

West HavenCTPublic SafetyImplement "hot spot" monitoring of high crime area throughout our City through the use of video monitoring. This will allow us to better allocate resources and have real-time information on suspected criminal activity.55,000 1

West HavenCTPublic SafetyProvide additional crime prevention and quality of life officers. These proactive programs were either substantially curtailed or eliminated due to the lack of Federal funding the past several years. 150,000 2

West HavenCTPublic SafetyEnhance police/fire radio system to fully fuctionalize geographical area coverage and provide enhanced interoperabiity between Police & Fire and between Regional inter-departmental response teams.215,000 4

West HavenCTPublic SafetyEstablish gang/gun task force to focus on these serious issues facing our neighborhoods. Since these monies (programs) were eliminated some years ago, we have seen a steady decline in the quality of life in our neighborhoods.300,000 4

West HavenCTPublic Safety1. Additional School Resource Officers assigned to public schools. 2. Establish gang/gun task force to focus on these issues facing our neighborhoods.625,000 5

West HavenCTStreets/RoadsReplacement of three culverts3,500,000 20

West HavenCTWaterWater Pollution Control Plant Upgrade62,000,000 50


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