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Waterbury/Naugatuck Obama list

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Waterbury has a vary good list IMO. the transit station, the city hall, the library, and other projects to create immediate pad sites for potential business growth.

CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

WaterburyCTCDBGCherry Street Industrial Park remediation to add to industrial site inventory in anticipation of immediate business expansion.600,000 15

WaterburyCTCDBGMattatuck Manufacturing environmental remediation to prepare 8-acre site for immediate development.500,000 35

WaterburyCTCDBGState-of-the-art environmental technology are planned for a 30,000-square foot expansion of the Silas Bronson Library.19,000,000 75

WaterburyCTCDBGThe renovation of historic City Hall will modernize city business practices and jump start downtown development.25,000,000 300

WaterburyCTCDBGWaterbury Industrial Commons remedication and construction project to develop a consolidated Public Works campus and add to industrial pad site inventory.10,000,000 300

WaterburyCTSchoolsConstruction of two K-8 elementary schools in CDBG eligible census tracts as part of a wider neighborhood revitalization70,000,000 200

WaterburyCTTransitMulti-Modal Transportation Center on Meadow Street to provide enhanced bus, tax and train transportation for the region.28,000,000 150Totals:$153,100,000.001,075.00

Pretty tame list for naugatuck with just one item associated with the massive reniasance place development.

CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

NaugatuckCTCDBGFawn Meadow Park Irrigation 100,000 2

NaugatuckCTCDBGTown Wide Park Safety Improvements 150,000 4

NaugatuckCTCDBGCity Hill Field Lighting Project 200,000 5

NaugatuckCTCDBGRenovation and Irrigation and Lighting Cross Street School 250,000 6

NaugatuckCTCDBGConstruction of Gunntown Park, design complete all approvals in place 400,000 11

NaugatuckCTCDBGSanitary Sewer Rehabilitation 1,600,000 41

NaugatuckCTCDBGBrown Field Remediation for Renaissance Downtown Economic Revitalization Project, Project currently being rebid over budget750,000 51

NaugatuckCTCDBGBuilding Renovations To Charles Goodyear Cultural Center (Building 25) 1,665,000 60

NaugatuckCTStreets/RoadsReconstruction of Historic Town Brick Paver Road, Last Brick Road in Town, Survey complete /30 %Design 800,000 19

NaugatuckCTStreets/RoadsTown Wide Paving Program 750,000 24

NaugatuckCTStreets/RoadsRubber Ave Bridge #03713 300,000 28

NaugatuckCTStreets/RoadsReplacement of Town wide Sidewalks, existing bid in place 1,500,000 36


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The Parcel C brownfield remediation has been completed to my knowledge. There's rumblings that St. Marys will build a clinic on Parcel C. I'm not sure how that would fit into the Renaissance Place masterplan.

Building 25 still hasn't been renovated. :(

The Gunntown Park got stalled.

The Rubber Ave bridge has been replaced.

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