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Stamford/Norwalk Obama lists

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CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

StamfordCTCDBGOld Town Hall Boiler Replacement250,000 3

StamfordCTCDBGVeteran's Park Lighting100,000 3

StamfordCTCDBGRosa Hartman Park Renovation225,000 6

StamfordCTCDBGHatch Park Renovation1,100,000 10

StamfordCTCDBGCummings Park Pier & Pavilion700,000 12

StamfordCTCDBGKosciuszko Park Planting500,000 12

StamfordCTCDBGRogers School Renovation5,000,000 40

StamfordCTCDBGScalzi Park Upgrade5,000,000 45

StamfordCTCDBGMill River Park Betterments, I-95 to Main St.20,000,000 100

StamfordCTCDBGMill River Park Betterments, South of I-9535,000,000 100

StamfordCTEnergyFuel Cell Absorbsion Chiller4,000,000 8

StamfordCTEnergyCitywide Street Lighting Infrastructure Upgrade4,680,000 11

StamfordCTEnergyDolan Middle School Windows and Doors2,000,000 20

StamfordCTEnergyHistorical Society Windows and HVAC2,000,000 20

StamfordCTEnergyTurn of River Windows1,500,000 20

StamfordCTEnergyWaste To Energy Biomass Gassificasion Energy Production50,000,000 75

StamfordCTHousingRoof Replacement at Stamford Manor.375,000 25

StamfordCTHousingBrick and concrete repair and replacement at Stamford Manor.300,000 35

StamfordCTHousingSecurity Improvements at Stamford Manor.500,000 40

StamfordCTHousingQuintard Manor Rehabilitation4,500,000 70

StamfordCTHousingClinton Manor Rehabilitation8,150,000 90

StamfordCTHousingProgress Drive Apartments13,700,000 230

StamfordCTPublic SafetyProvide training for foreign languages classes for Police Officers48,000 1

StamfordCTPublic SafetyPurchase plate reading vehicles to assist in Homeland Security programs104,000 1

StamfordCTPublic SafetyEmergency response team for Homeland Security (Training and start up)124,000 2

StamfordCTPublic SafetyStreet mentoring for street violence/work with youth groups/gangs200,000 4

StamfordCTPublic SafetyPurchase Biological/chemical testing equipment to improve forensic capabilities450,000 6

StamfordCTPublic SafetyTrain 7 K-9's164,000 7

StamfordCTPublic SafetyDNA capable Forensic Unit850,000 8

StamfordCTPublic SafetyCombine a Task Force approach for Juvenile Justice w/Child Guidance, probation, social agencies600,000 10

StamfordCTPublic SafetySafe street/ Neighborhood Task Force walking patrols1,280,000 16

StamfordCTPublic SafetyPolice Cadet (Trainee program)80,000 20

StamfordCTSchoolsDistrict Wide Electrical15,000,000 15

StamfordCTSchoolsDistrict Wide Technology Infrastructure10,000,000 15

StamfordCTSchoolsEnergy Conservation Projects15,000,000 15

StamfordCTSchoolsDavenport Code/Renovation8,600,000 20

StamfordCTSchoolsDistrict Wide Boiler Projects10,000,000 20

StamfordCTSchoolsCloonan Renovations14,000,000 25

StamfordCTSchoolsDistrict Wide Paving10,000,000 25

StamfordCTSchoolsRippowam Center Code/Renovations8,500,000 25

StamfordCTSchoolsWesthill High School Mechanical Upgrade15,000,000 25

StamfordCTSchoolsBoyle Stadium Renovation3,500,000 30

StamfordCTSchoolsNortheast Code/Renovation12,500,000 40

StamfordCTSchoolsModular Classroom Replacement20,000,000 50

StamfordCTSchoolsSystem Wide Roofing15,000,000 50

StamfordCTSchoolsDistrict Wide Turf Field15,000,000 100

StamfordCTSchoolsSouth End Charter School15,000,000 100

StamfordCTSchoolsSpringdale Expansion/Renovations15,000,000 100

StamfordCTSchoolsSystem Wide Code Compliance Projects20,000,000 100

StamfordCTSchoolsSystem Wide IAQ Projects50,000,000 100

StamfordCTSchoolsStamford High School31,000,000 150

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsLong Ridge Road intersection improvements300,000 3

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsSchool zone flashers implementation200,000 3

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsBridge reconditioning/railing replacements155,000 4

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsCitywide optical fire pre-emption installation750,000 4

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsCorn Cake Lane roadway improvement85,000 4

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsEmergency back up power for traffic signals250,000 4

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsLaurel Road roadway improvement100,000 4

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsSkymeadow Drive roadway improvement250,000 6

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsSpring Street reconstruction250,000 6

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsCold Spring Rd. Bridge Rehab2,000,000 7

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsAtlantic Street streetscape sidewalk replacement1,000,000 8

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsGuard rails improvements127,000 8

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsHope Street paving1,000,000 8

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsBedford Street streetscape sidewalk replacement2,000,000 10

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsCitywide paving3,500,000 12

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsOaklawn Avenue roadway reconstruction3,000,000 15

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsTurn of River Road Roadway reconstruction8,000,000 15

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsRichmond Hill Avenue bridge replacement4,000,000 20

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsImplementation of traffic calming plan3,000,000 60

StamfordCTStreets/RoadsGreenwich Ave. Improvements6,000,000 100

StamfordCTTransitSecurity Cameras at Municipal Parking Garages330,000 4

StamfordCTTransitCommuter rail parking improvements3,000,000 10

StamfordCTTransitStamford Urban Transitway Phase 110,000,000 20

StamfordCTTransitSignal hardware upgrade citywide25,000,000 60

StamfordCTTransitStamford Urban Transitway - Phase 254,000,000 100

StamfordCTWaterIntervale Sewers5,500,000 30

StamfordCTWaterCarriage Drive Sewers6,000,000 60

StamfordCTWaterPerna Lane Sewers5,000,000 60

StamfordCTWaterWedgemere Road Sewers4,000,000 60

Totals:$615,377,000.00 2,760.00

CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

NorwalkCTCDBGInstallation of a City Hall emergency generator700,000 6

NorwalkCTCDBGPainting and repair of the City Hall cupola150,000 6

NorwalkCTCDBGCity Hall roof replacement 1,590,000 15

NorwalkCTCDBGConstruction project: renovation of the City Hall data center. This project will completely modernize and bring up to building and safety code the 20+ year old data center. This project will create jobs for local labor � electricians, plumbers, archite700,000 20

NorwalkCTCDBGDemolition of the old police station2,775,000 20

NorwalkCTCDBGRenovation and repair of the Health Department building: new windows, new roof, handicapped access, interior light fixtures.1,500,000 20

NorwalkCTCDBGStructural Repairs SoNo Railroad Station garage 1,200,000 27

NorwalkCTCDBGNorwalk River Valley Trail 1,500,000 30

NorwalkCTCDBGStructural repairs to Yankee Doodle Garage 1,800,000 40

NorwalkCTCDBGFodor Farm Main Farm House: Restoration of an 18th Century Farm House as centerpiece of a sustainable property including orchards and community gardens, education center.400,000 50

NorwalkCTCDBGThe Lockwood Matthews Mansion Museum needs new mechanical and electrical systems, an HVAC system upgrade, lighting and fire safety systems, and an elevator. Thermal wells and a potential solar heating system are being considered to support energy needs.2,500,000 80

NorwalkCTCDBGCalf Pasture Beach: creating a Visitors Center and gateway to Norwalk�s islands and waterfront. Adaptive Re-use of existing structure.3,500,000 200

NorwalkCTCDBGOyster Shell Park: A former landfill turned into a Riverfront Park offering the latest green technology. Key walkways connecting area attractions. Phase II and III,3,000,000 200

NorwalkCTHousingWashington Village energy efficient heating plant and site infrastructure improvements. Keeps 136 families effectively housed in affordable units. 1,250,000 20

NorwalkCTHousingRoodner Court windows and weatherization - Keeps 218 families effectively housed in affordable units. 1,570,000 22

NorwalkCTHousingColonial Village Energy Conservation and Family Resource Center � Includes energy efficient windows and storm doors. Family Resource Center will combine afterschool program, childcare, arts and family self-sufficiency programs. 10,400,000 68

NorwalkCTSchoolsRepair and modernize 10 schools, including such activities as replacing exterior windows, emergency lighting, exterior doors and frames, boilers and burners, roofs, PA systems, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, installing new DDC, ABS/EMS7,808,651 166

NorwalkCTStreets/RoadsJames Street Bridge replacement 210,000 5

NorwalkCTStreets/RoadsWestmere Bridge replacement 200,000 5

NorwalkCTStreets/RoadsRemoval of Old Tokeneke Bridge 400,000 10

NorwalkCTStreets/RoadsRoute 1 Widening project 450,000 10NorwalkCTStreets/RoadsPerry Avenue Bridge replacement 700,000 16

NorwalkCTStreets/RoadsReplacement of six traffic signals: Belden Ave @ Cross St; Belden Ave @ Rte 7; Van Zant St @ Fire House; Van Zant St @ Osborne; Fox Run and Ward St @ Freese Court1,500,000 25

NorwalkCTStreets/RoadsCedar Street Improvements 1,500,000 35

NorwalkCTStreets/RoadsFairfield Avenue Reconstruction7,000,000 75

NorwalkCTStreets/RoadsStrawberry Hill Traffic Calming 7,000,000 75

NorwalkCTStreets/RoadsRenovation of the urban core (approx. 30 acre site) infrastructure to include pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, lighting, roadway construction & utilty relocation43,000,000 200

NorwalkCTStreets/Roads65 centerline miles of roadway paving25,000,000 220

NorwalkCTWaterMary Austin at Silvermine Avenue Drainage Installation [ready]350,000 15

NorwalkCTWaterOlmstead Place, Noah�s Lane, Meadowbrook Drainage improvement package (bids received, contractor selected)1,000,000 25

NorwalkCTWaterBuckingham-Lockwood Drainage Improvement Project4,000,000 100

NorwalkCTWaterKeeler Brook Drainage Improvement Project [in design]9,000,000 200

NorwalkCTWaterWastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, Phase I45,000,000 500


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