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CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobsNorwichCTCDBGBrownfield Waterfront Cleanup for 26 Shipping Street. The City-owned brownfield is in a waterfront area with high redevelopment potential. The site which contains a vacant mill building with high redevelopment value has benefited from an investment500,000 19NorwichCTCDBGDog Pound. Approved project to break ground in March.800,000 25NorwichCTCDBGNorwich Harbor Sea Wall Project. This project is under construction, however there are plans ready to go to convert from sheet steel pilings to prefabricated concrete block for final phase at Harbor on Thames River. This change was unforeseen and was req500,000 40NorwichCTCDBGNorwich Hospital Site Remediation. Environmental remediation of 60 acre Norwich State Hospital site in the southeastern section of the City (Laurel Hill section) for future development on site to create jobs, (both construction and new enterprise outlets)3,000,000 350NorwichCTStreets/RoadsCity of Norwich Road Construction project plans and specifications are complete for 15 miles of qualifying federal aid streets. Work includes both milling and paving of existing roads. Contract award and construction can take place within 60 days of fund5,500,000 15NorwichCTStreets/RoadsCity of Norwich Sidewalk Construction project includes 4 miles of sidewalks along several State Highways where no sidewalk exists. Since the opening of the casinos in adjacent communities, pedestrian traffic has increased dramatically, primarily by casino1,500,000 15NorwichCTWaterNorwich Public Utilities Wastewater Facilities Upgrade project. The first phase, installation of equipment that will improve the ability of the plant to process waste and allow the plant to become basically energy independent is an estimated $8 Million e8,000,000 30Totals:$19,800,000.00494.00

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