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Speed Camera's


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Az state house has already said it would ok the removal Haha, the DAY after the governor leaves office they are already looking at removing those things. What are your alls thoughts on them? I hate them. I think they are unconstitutional, and I think they have only put up to boost revenue, there is no real concern for safety.

Anyone else?

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I read an article the other day stating that there is a good chance that the speed cameras will be taken down. Revenue has been lower than expected, especially with more people learning the loophole in Arizona's law, which states that simply mailing the ticket does not constitute service, so you don't have to legally respond. Of course, if they decide to serve you using an officer or process server, there's an extra fee, but that doesn't seem to happen much. There have also been a couple of incidents involving them. Not sure if everyone heard about the thing on the 51 in Phoenix, I think this summer, where someone pulled off and shot up one of the radar vans, killing a man inside.

I was in court in October in Chandler, fighting a speeding ticket from Gilbert PD (I hate Gilbert), and, while waiting, a lady came in with a red light ticket. The judge, out of the blue, addressed the court and said the following, in summary: If you ever get a red light violation or a speed camera violation, don't pay it and don't respond. It was strange, but it just backed up what I had known about the speed cameras, as he said pretty much what's above. There are a few speed cameras in suburban Tucson now (only unincorporated Pima County has them in certain places) and I think it's funny to blow by people who are creeping along trying to avoid them. Because, that's the other thing about them: they only go off if you're going more than 10mph over the speed limit. Not many people seem to know that.

Oh, and, by the way, I beat the ticket: no fine, no court costs, all charges dismissed.

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