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ESC is running out of money and wants more.

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According to the Greenville News, the state's Employment Security Commission, which three weeks ago asked for a $146 million federal loan to continue unemployment checks, says it is running out of money again and wants another $169 million. Mark Sanford called the agency "out of control" and will only lend them $25 million of the requested money. This is just the beginning of the mess though. House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham and Representative Rex Rice held a budget meeting with the agency and its commissioners Tuesday, and Bingham said no one from the Employment Security Commission mentioned running out of money or needing another loan. :blink::wacko: This comes at a time when South Carolina has a 8.4 percent unemployment rate, which is the third highest in the country. Here is the article from the Greenville News on all of this:

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