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On the Wellington Ave. side of the tracks there is ample room for a platform. There might even be room for a second siding (maybe one platform with tracks on 2 sides) to accomodate the reactivation of the old pontiac branch as a light rail line. This line would have a station in the northern parking lot of Warwick Mall, follow the ROW and tie into the cranston T station just north of the brown and orange bridge. Stops could be: Pontiac Ave. across from Capuano Dr., Sockanossett crossroad/Garden city, and Sharpe St. (industrial park). I'd also extend this line making use of the additional P&W trackage up to the zoo and port. A possible 3rd branch could use the warwick industrial track that ends over by Park Ave. and & 117 in northern Warwick.

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crap, if I had known that, I'd have voted for Fung the first time he ran.

The Warwick station will be served by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority trains, as will a $50-million station planned for Wickford Village, in North Kingstown, said Charles St. Martin, a DOT spokesman. Those trains will be passing through Cranston, so why not have them stop here, Filarski said.
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