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Liberals, Jack Layton win Toronto

Wendell FOX

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Toronto voted overwhelmingly for the Liberal party on June 28th as the entire nation headed to the polls, where the Liberal party once again won with 135 out of the 308 possible seats:

The only non-Liberal victory was for Jack Layton, the party leader for the NDP who battled through one of the closer finishes himself:

Jack Layton NDP 22198 46.35% X

Dennis Mills LIB 19802 41.35%

Loftus Cuddy CON 2975 6.21%

Jim Harris GRN 2565 5.36%

Scott Yee MP 265 0.55%

Marcell Rodden ML 88 0.18%

Also noticable is the large number of Liberal victories in the 905 area (suburbs)where I live.

Directory of results: http://www.cbc.ca/canadavotes/candidatesri...ario/index.html

CBC article on the results: http://www.cbc.ca/story/election/national/...tues040629.html

(I expect heckles to rant in this thread ;) )

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Sorry, I tend to visit threads sporadically.

As far as the Canadian national elections go - I think it turned out well, the Liberals got punished for the sponsorship scandals - but the Conservatives didn't gain power. The Liberals will have to work with the NDP to get legislation passed, I assume the Bloc will pitch in often since they are left leaning as well.

I just wished the Liberals would be more "liberal" so to speak. The one thing they could do is scrap the gun registry program, and use those savings to fund a new Pharmacare program.

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