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Dad at 13?


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With how remarkably screwed up the generation below mine is... it would not be a surprise.

You probably think, in many of the urban areas of America... girls getting pregnant at 14 is not out of the ordinary. Just don't see it getting reported. Then again, there are those 13-15 year old girls on Maury that want/try to get pregnant.

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yes it is real sadly. I saw this on another website. Whats even freakier is that the boy looks like he is 7 or 8 years old and he is sitting next to his girlfriend who looks like she is about 17. Kid are learning this stuff at a much early age. They know all about the birds and the bees at age 5 now. I think i still believed the stork story at the age LOL. The things they say, know and do at the age is pretty shocking to say the least. In Singapore, a 9 year old girl gave birth to a baby boy. Several years ago in New York, a 9 year old boy was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 7 year old girl in the school bathroom. The youngest mother ever on record to have a baby was Lina Medina from Peru. She was only 5 years old when she gave birth to a boy in May 1939. Things are getting so bad now they are lowering the age for sex education. So kindagarteners not only will learn their ABCs and 123s, they just might learn the birds and the bees.

But if you think thats something, just see what kinds of problems other people are having with their children as young as 7!


But it gets more disturbing. In some countries its perfectly acceptable for children that young to engage in sexual activities, particularly in the middle east where a grown person can marry a 1 year old baby and a grown man can have sex with a 9 year old girl. In the Koran it has been said that Muhammad married a 6-year old girl. That would be like saying in the Christian world that Jesus married a 6-year old girl.

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