Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

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37 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

Drive bys today the Lincoln apartments at Kenliworth and Morehead and the new Realtors Association office building that Pappas is building.  Today. 


The N's in Lincoln are making my eyes twitch

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What is going in the big clearing area between the New Realtors Office/School and the Lincoln Apartments on Kenilworth? 

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I like the divided/protected cycle track on Pearl Park Way.....one day, this will all magically link up to the rail trail, and the LSC Greenway and rail trail will be safely connected. 

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1 hour ago, tozmervo said:

That fly-thru made a lot more sense when I finally looked up that they were connecting Pearl Street through. 

That was very helpful, thank you. 

I've always had trouble understanding the layout of that area in my head, but after seeing the history and some old maps, now I know why: it was part of Brooklyn, so they razed everything and replaced it with mega-blocks of government buildings and housing projects (before I-277 this and 2nd Ward were clearly considered the same area).

It is pretty heart breaking to see that old street grid around Baxter St and Pearle Park Way and know it was filled with homes.

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There is a pretty robust protected bike lane tucked in there as well^^^^

EDIT Pointed out already by  RVR from ATL

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    • By PHofKS
      Work is scheduled to begin this month (July, 2016). Some pertinent facts:
      From Metro project tracker, heights are officially 255 ft for Apartments and 188 ft for Hotel The existing house is to be demolished and rebuilt near the Marathon Motorworks complex One half block off West End and will have a significant impact on the Mid-town skyline  

      My own crude mock-up.

    • By markhollin
      Spectrum | Emery Inc. has offered specifics and has released an image for its 18th & Chet office building planned for Music Row. The 10-story building, to anchor the northeast corner of 18th Avenue South and Chet Atkins Place, will span about 130,000 square feet, with Nashville-based Earl Swensson Associates to serve as architect.
      Spectrum | Emery has the multi-parcel property under contract and hopes to close on the purchase by August’s end. David Wells, Spectrum | Emery vice president, told NBJ the company expects to ask about $38 per square foot.
      An early to mid-2018 completion date is being eyed.      --Nashville Post, June 23, 2016

      The development is within the light blue square in the center of this screenshot from Smeagolsfree's excellent Nashville Metro Development Map:
    • By markhollin
      A 20 story, 421 unit residential tower that will include ground floor retail and a garage to be called Kenect Nashville is slated for 1815 Division Street in Midtown.  This is the former site of the Florence Crittenton Home for Unwed Mothers at the T-intersection of Division and 19th Ave. South.  No renderings as of yet.

      Chicago-based developer Akara Partners will be in charge of the project.  Going before Metro Planning on Oct 12 with more specifics. 




      Here is what Kenect Chicago looks like (just 16 stories):

    • By PHofKS
      From the city's development tracker..

      As promised...


    • By PHofKS
      Eakin Partners now has a website promoting the 2018 opening of their 12 story spec office building in the western end of Mid-town in Nashville.