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Reverend Rob makes me Laugh

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monsoon    0

Reverand Rob has put all of this Apple Auto Sales adverts on Youtube including the older ones. Few of my favorites posted below. He lists some interesting history behind these adverts such as the fact that Roland's Hair Salon at Park Rd. Shopping center was the only place he could find to do his hair and the controversy these ads stirred up when first aired in Charlotte.

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abttown    90

Reverend Rob and Apple Auto is/was the only local ad worth watching. I've always enjoyed the commercials and can't believe he had so much opposition! I grew up in a fairly religious family, but no one had anything bad to say about him. Taking chances is risky, but if it works... As far as I can remember, FOX is the only station I ever saw his ads televised on, but I haven't seen one of his commercials in a while.

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