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Live Oak drive between Old Mansfield and Kingston Rd.

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My wife and i were driving down Live Oak drive, between Old Mansfield Rd and Kinston Rd, today and we noticed that most of the trees on the north side of the street were being cut down. Many survey marks are dotting the properties and we were wondering if someone out there knew what was going on?

Are they going to widen the road from 2 lanes to maybe 4?

Also, at the intersection of Old Mansfield rd and Live Oak, just over the railroad tracks, we noticed that there are some earth moving machines in the space between the east and west sections of 3132. Could they be widening Live Oak, and then taking Old Mansfield north, under the eastbound lanes of 3132 and then link it up with Mansfield Rd?

I have checked some city websites but to no avail.

Would greatly appreciate some info if anyone has it.

Thanks again,


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