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Change Has Come


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Barack Obama campaigned on Change and Hope. For those that opposed him, change is probably something they won't be happy with. For those that supported him, quick changes are welcome and show that he is doing what he said with many of the policies presented and with the speed at which he said he would operate. Those that I know that don't want the changes that have been coming are upset because, well, they don't want it. There are many changes that he's already signed into law - Childrens Health Care, Equal Pay legislation just to name a couple. The Stimulus Package wasn't necessarily something specific in the campaign, but it is something he pushed through -- like it or hate it. He also has made an attempt to be bipartisan and has appointed GOP members to his cabinet. Both promised in the campaign.

One change I noticed last night:

When Kanye West, after Hurrican Katrina, made some anti-Bush statements on the Grammy's. After the outcry about it the awards shows that followed for a couple years were very concientious about not being political. Artists were told not to make any political statements on these live shows. So much for freedom of speech. Last night on the Oscars the change in our attitude was obvious. Many statements were made which included political statements. For me, I'm happy that we seem to be free to express our opinions in public arenas once again.

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