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Pine Mountain control burns

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I love pine mountain georgia its a beatiful place to visit I drive from columbus to pine mountain almost everyday because its so beatiful up there I love going to dowdells knob because thats where the highest point is on pine mountain dowdells knob rises to 1,395 feet above sea level and the beautiful view just takes your breath away we are so blessed here in phenix city and columbus to live so close by pine mountain mountains because its just a beatiful place to visit and its just a short drive from columbus I think pine mountain is only 26 miles from columbus.But my whole point is and what im fixing to say is I dont like them doing the controll burns in pine mountain georgia because I drove up there yesterday and I was driving on the mountain pine mountain and I saw that they were doing the controll burns because the woods were black and the ground was black I dont care what anyone says I dont like the idea of them doing the controll burns because when they do the controll burns they ruin everything they mess the trees up they mess up the ground and they mess up the mountain rocks that stick at the side of the mountain they need to stop doing the controll burns or im going to have something done about it that place pine mountain georgia is to beatiful for them to be messing it up and burning it up doing the controll burns.

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