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Grand Raggidy Roller Girl's

John E

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What exactly is the point of roller derby? I don't mean that as a joke. I mean, in football it's to score a touchdown, in baseball it's to hit the ball and score runs. I'm sure once I understood it more it would hold more appeal. Right now it just looks like a pack of women roller skating in circles - which has a certain allure to be sure, but still...


Now Rollerball, that's a sport. (and I mean James Caan Rollerball, not LL Cool J Rollerball.)

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Announcer for GRRG here. Here's a simplified version of roller derby, if you don't want to watch the five-minute video.

Basically, it's a passing game. You get points for passing, or lapping, members of the other team.

- Each team sends out one point-scoring "jammer" and four "blockers". The jammer tries to pass the opposing blockers (one point each), and the blockers, naturally, try to keep them from passing.

- Blockers from both teams have to stay in a somewhat tight formation, called a "pack". If the jammer makes it through the pack, she can lap around behind them again for another shot at more points.

- Points don't count if the jammer fouls while passing the opponent (out of bounds, illegal blocking, etc)

- All this takes place in a series of two-minute matchups called "jams".

That's the general idea, except for one important twist: "Lead Jammer" status. On their first pass through the pack, jammers don't score points; instead, they are racing to see who gets through the pack first without incurring fouls. That skater is "lead jammer" for that particular two-minute jam, and has the ability to end the jam before the two minutes have elapsed - a very useful strategic advantage. Naturally, things can get pretty exciting in that first fight for Lead Jammer.

The girls are playing better than ever, that last game was really exciting.

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Well, I never thought I'd enjoy something like this, but my partner and I have attended their last two matches and had a blast each time. The girls take it quite seriously and yet they look like their having a lot of fun. The music played through-out the evening it a great mix of old and new. Plus, you can bring alcohol in as long as it isn't in a glass container....it helps!

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