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DVI Inkspots (Monthly update)


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Hey guys. I thought this might be of interest:

Downtown Vision Inkspots

A Monthly Update on Downtown Vision and Downtown Jacksonville


This monthly message from Downtown Vision, Inc. (DVI) is intended to provide you with interesting and helpful information on activities occurring in Downtown Jacksonville. Filled with the latest updates on Downtown trends and issues, we hope our Downtown stakeholders, employees and residents find the information useful. Please feel free to forward this message to others who may be interested in Downtown

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Inkspot is the email list. I think the best thing to do is email [email protected] to get on the list. I'm sure they will announce the availability of the cd on a future email.

On that note, there is a ton of info available from the DVI office should you request it. I'll post the list of downtown developments (its pretty current) soon. Tony

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Thanks for the info. Tony. I'm always looking for new sources of info.

BTW, several of the items that will be on the CD are available on the web at ww.coj.net. Go to the site index and click on Downtown Development Authority. The site has the Master Plan, Zoning overlay and other reports.

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Yes of course. I use coj.net extensively. I also read the daily bailey (as I can tell most of ya'll do to). You guys should check out the message board at www.springfieldpreservation.com. They've got an interesting thread on (the rumor of) a Walgreens plan to acquire city park property at 8th and Boulevard.

Additionally, if you are into the arts and culture int he incity, i have a email list at


its easy in and easy out. have a great and safe weekend. Happy Independence day!

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