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Nationally Know Restaurant Writer Coming To Greenville

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Thought y'all would find this piece of news interesting. It was sent out on the Chamber's Advantage Greenville newsletter. (Added: Pardon the typo in the subject line.)


Advantage Greenville Members:

Please take note of the information below sent out by Table 301 regarding a nationally-known restaurant writer in town over the next couple of days. This is a great opportunity to get a positive message out about our community. It would be helpful to have LOTS of folks out and about during this time!

Thanks for all you do for Greenville.

Hank Hyatt

Vice President, Economic Development

Greenville Chamber


[email protected]

Good morning all,

I wanted to send out a notice to you all asking for some additional support this week in the restaurants. We have a well known Restaurant writer flying in on Wednesday of this week and dining at Soby's on Wednesday evening at 7:30 and at Devereaux's on Thursday at 7:30. This really is a big deal and a tremendous opportunity not only for our restaurants to get reviewed and receive national exposure, but for Greenville as a community. To learn more about John Mariani, click on www.johnmariani.com. He writes columns in various publications, most notably for us, Wine Spectator, Restaurant Hospitality, and Esquire Magazine of which he is most well known for the "Best New Restaurants of the Year" which comes out in the November issue each year. I have been working on getting him here for 4 years now, so let's hope for excellent results.

I really want the restaurants to show well and for the seats to be full, so if you all can look at your schedules and if you have an opportunity to entertain or just come out socially for dinner either Wednesday or Thursday, please plan to join us and have the restaurants and downtown buzzing with enthusiasm.

Also, feel free to pass this around your offices and along to others that I have missed in this message.

Thank you,

Carl Sobocinski

Table 301 Restaurants




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Very cool! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Mariani is a big deal in the foodie world.

The post doesn't mention it, but he has written several great books as well. His name is all over the food / cooking section in Barnes and Noble.

One other bit or unrelated foodie news.....Tyler Florence will be the guest on Oprah's show today.

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