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Apartment Searching

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...but I'm casting my net wide since there doesn't seem to be a lot out there for rent right now.

And I want to stay in the Bucket!

We've been living in a lovely, amazingly located apartment building f(right behind the Congregational Church) for almost three years but are about to give up because of a parade of loud tenants in the basement and lack of insulation to block the noise. So we have to find a place somewhere in Pawtucket on my nonprofit salary and my husband's part-time wage.

I was hoping that by posting this, someone might know of something that fits our needs.

So...the must-haves:

  • dogs allowed

  • on the first floor (said dog is afraid to climb stairs for some reason)

  • within walking distance to the downtown Y or Gold's Gym (will change there if need be)

    • close to Woodlawn but not smack dab in it (while I love my thug clients dearly, I do not want to have to see them congregate outside my house, walking my dog in Payne Park, or any more than occasionally during my time off as I spend enough time with them while I'm at work. They have assured me that my G-pass is still valid and no one will bother me, but I still don't want to be near the hot spots: Main Street, West Ave close to the highway and in that general vicinity)

    • a stoop

    • something pretty to look at (yeah, yeah this is a lot to ask, but I've gotten so used to walking down by the river and through Slater Mill most evenings)

    Any suggestions? Anything you've seen as you've been out and about? I'm almost embarrassed to post my budget (remember, nonprofit salary here! :) ) but can't do anything much higher than $650 with at least some utilities included.

    Thanks and apologies if this isn't something that should be posted on Urban Planet.

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