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What Would You Do With $1.7 Million?

John E

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1.7 mil is not much. However, I would use it to buy the properties bordering JBZ so that the zoo can expand out into the park and the purchased plots can be turned into park land. (in the process streets could be eliminated, creating more space)

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I don't think DDA funds can be used for marketing or any projects outside of the DDA boundaries (so no zoo). I hope some will go to these projects in the Urban Interventions conversation or some riverfront projects. They could also use the money to provide incentives to proposed or future developments, though $1.7M doesn't get you too far anymore...

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Some of my costs here are from a quick search on line or are guestimates (i.e. what I could find):

1. Purchase/ install 50 new trees for downtown. Cost: $1000.00

2. Purchase/ install 50 new bike racks for parking bikes throughout DT. Cost: $10,000.

3. Add one more person to walk around and pick up trash left by people. Cost: $30,000 (for the year)

4. Repaint pedestrian crossing lines at major intersections. Cost: $20,000.

5. Offer more grants for business to "spruce up" their exteriors. Cost: budget a maximum of $150,000 towards this.

Okay, so, by my count, we could do these five things and we would still have $1,489,000 left over. Anyone want to add to my list? I've got some room... :thumbsup:

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