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Murfreesboro From The Air!

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Well, I went flying the other day and got a few shots of downtown Murfreesboro. Let me first off thank my friend and flying buddy, Ben Myburgh over at Murfreesboro Aviation for his time and generosity. He is a great guy and has a fantastic business that all of us should take advantage of sometime. he is an expert at sight seeing tours for people!!

Anyways, here are the best shots thus far....

All can be seen at my website on Flickr here: www.flickr.com/photos/perspectivephotography





Hope you enjoyed them. I will post more once I get them edited!

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Michael...great shots. I've always loved that tall building in MBoro. It's personally one of my favorite mid-rises I've ever seen. The right combination of bricks and glass. It's a beautiful structure and better than most everything in Nashville.

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