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edited photos of WTC being destroyed before 911


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Do you think that there was knowledge that people knew that 911 was going to happen? (not talking about terrorist) Then there is the erie coincidence when you fold the 20 dollar bill in the shape of an "airplane" and one side depicts two towers colapsing in flames and the otherside like like the attack on the pentagon. The the "devil in the smoke" in the photos of the WTC attack The 911 thing is very weird to me. I'm not accusing any one person of having knowledge before it happened but there something erie going on here. It almost seems super natural.

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Coincidence.. It must be :mellow:

I think the only ppl who knew about it were the people involved in planning and stuff, and reports lead me to beleive the American government knew about it too, but did nothing about it, not that they could have done much anyway.

Its just a front cover that would attract attention I think, there is lots of stuff like this involving other buildings or whatever.

However if it was an Al Queda soundtrack then I might think differently <_<

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Nearly 3 years out from the tragedy of September 11th, these 'coincidences' are very old news.

The US government may indeed have missed the boat on some intelligence information prior to the attacks. But a two bit rap group, monetary oragami, or a page in the dictionary did not foretell the attacks. Suggesting they did serves nothing but to cheapen the memory of the people we lost that day.

Our energies are much better spent on determining how and why federal intelligence agencies missed signs that an attack was imminent, and putting in place policies to ensure that the nation's intelligence agencies are better equipped to interpret legitimate intelligence data in the future.

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