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Mental health day in Charlotte

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I haven't posted in forever, but I figured this little trip and photo set was worth sharing, for comic value at the very least.

My female accomplice and I decided, on a whim, to spend the afternoon and evening in Charlotte. She has never been and I haven't visited in forever. We just needed to get the hell out of Raleigh for a while.

Upon our arrival we decided that eating was a good idea. 300 East sounded good...




We're rock stars


After a quick tour of the more scenic parts of Charlotte, we decided that we should go out and be crazy! So we went to South Park mall to buy stuff to wear.


I've been to Epicentre before, but really just right after the first few venues opened. This time we checked out Mez and it was awesome


No autographs



New hot Charlotte friends!


Brenna has a thing for Karaoke... ..... ..... Yeah.

...anyway so we went to Dixie's and met some more Charlotte people. It would be funny if some of the people pictured were members of the forum



Yes, he's wearing her shades




"But I don't want to leave!"


We checked into the Westin at 2am, again on a whim. Here's the view of the Queen City in the fog just before sunrise.




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Member #4. Good to see you again. That was a good plan for the mental health.

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Wow-what fun photos! Thanks for posting these snippets of life in Charlotte.:)

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