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ReModel @ WildSide


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that's exciting. Wildside is always busy... great place; great location.

as an aside, I noticed that the Thornton Park Central building seems to be very successful retail-wise; the other day I noticed buku patronage at all the bars and restaurants.

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I posted on this back in Nov. 2007 after speaking with the owner of Wildside about his plans:



At the time, the plans were to build a seperate restaurant next to Wildside (in the parking lot) that was going to be an Italian Steakhouse (but he was not 100% sure on the concept). The plans were for it to be three stories with a lounge on one of the levels that will have a balcony that goes over Wildside. It will have an upscale look but will be moderately priced.

Again, this was back in 2007 when I met the owner casually while eating at the restaurant so his plans may have changed since then but he has been thinking about this for awhile. He was very excited about all of the activity going on with the new condo's being built in downtown.

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