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Worst areas of your city?


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Obviously no city can have all areas/districts be crime free and a 'happening place,' so what parts of your city would you label as worst?

In my own city of Charlotte I would label general areas West and East of downtown as the worst areas. The collapse (not literally) of shopping malls and strip malls, high crime, higher vacancy rates, high foreclosure rates, etc. make these areas much worse than those North or South of the city.

Even downtown has bad districts, though Charlotte handles its problems fairly well. The area just North of downtown is not fit for an evening stroll, particularly if you're alone. This area also has a higher crime rate and is generally a much poorer area. Our government district is severely lacking in terms of anything being opened beyond normal government hours and contains very minimal residential making this area a dead zone.

What areas of your city are lacking?

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After only living in Huntersville for a little over a year now, I would have to say that the area on the east side of the RR tracks alongside Old Statesville, between LNCS and Old Downtown. Huntersville has the potential to be a beautiful town with just a little rif raff cleanup

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East Jackson is by far the worst part of the city. Poverty, crime, and urban decay racks a large swath of the city just east of downtown and running up the eastern quadrant of the city to about North Parkway. In 2003 a tornado hit downtown and East Jackson displacing hundreds of families, this had the dual effect of helping revitalize downtown and spreading crime into several established, but older, residential sections of the city that until then had much milder issues with crime. However, East Jackson by far is the most blighted area of the city.

Most other areas of the city are pretty normal as far as crime, poverty concentration, and blight goes; with the newer neighborhoods of North Jackson having few signs of any of these problems.

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In Greensboro its mainly South Central (just south of downtown) and South Eastern part of the city. These happen to be the poorer sections of Greensboro.

The wealthiest parts of Greensboro are on the north and west side of town, particularly in the Irving Park and Starmount neighborhoods. In the Starmount neighborhood, you'll find establishments such as PF Changs, Apple Store and Brooks Brothers.

Southeast Greensboro and really eastern Greensboro in general lacks retail establishments.

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