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ArtPrize and Project 1 - Grand Rapids


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It's interesting that the furniture is designed by Sticks. Quite a popular art furniture company, they build some pretty interesting stuff. If you ever visit Saugatuck, Good Goods sells a lot of their stuff. They have great chess sets: dogs vs. cats, cowboys vs. indians, lawyers vs. doctors, etc...



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The Bridgewater cam seems to be pointed at the Interurban (can't recall the name) ped bridge now with the Civic Studio stuff on it.

But, there's a better view of the chairs and the upcoming table installation here:


Via: Jay Fowler's twitter on Facebook. haha, love technology. :)

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yyyyeeeeeeeeaahh..... not a fan of this one. I don't care if it shoots out candy corn.

On second thought, if it shot out candy corn I might like it a little more. Well, I might like the candy corn and forget the shooter exists.

If it shot silly string that would be fun.

Or rodents.

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Erwin working on We're All Connected 2.0 on the side of the building at Cherry and South Division.



Check out his BLOG on the progress of his project.


More in the ArtPrize '09 set:




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Joining the ArtPrize flickr group has sent my page views soaring. :o

Huge amount of work going on at the BOB today. Couldn't get shots though. And I distinctly noticed ArtPrize tourists today, walking around and snapping photos of the outdoor work.



And the Zoetrope has been installed at the Ford Museum:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/...in/photostream/

I also saw this piece and am not quite sure if it's an ArtPrize entry (corner of 6th Street and Front Ave). It's an "anti-global warming" piece, with even a speaker box making fun of global warming scientists. edit: yes, it's called Inconvenient Art at the Riverview Center.



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Thanks for the cool pics, Jeff. I saw Inconvenient Art last weekend but didn't take a photo of it because it looked terrible at the time.

I am in the process of doing a batch upload of 306 photos and 2 videos to Flickr. The first video on the Blue Bridge is a bit large and is still uploading. Went around town getting ArtPrize and other photos and videos. They will be in the "ArtPrize and More Sept 19" set of my Flickr Photos. I think that is what I named the set.

Edit: Oh I named it "ArtPrize and More Sept 19 2009". The Blue Bridge video is up: http://www.flickr.com/photos/johne777/sets...57622413264532/ The second video is of the water wheel thing-a-ma-bob at the Ford Museum. After that is up the photos should go up quickly. Lots of cool shots. -End Edit


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Thanks for the cool pics, Jeff. I saw Inconvenient Art last weekend but didn't take a photo of it because it looked terrible at the time

Still does =x

Saw it being worked on during PedalGR. From what I can recall, the bloke looked a bit trashy and was blasting out some music that certainly did not help the stereotype, either.

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