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Good Downtown Greensboro Restaurant Recommendations?


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Hello everyone!

I am a frequent reader of UP, I mainly follow the Charlotte threads, due to the fact that I will be moving there in a couple of months to start my career. I currently live in Raleigh finishing up my Masters degree at NC State. I am going to be meeting a friend for dinner in Greensboro this coming Monday and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of good restaurants downtown. I have looked through some of the threads here on UP and it looks like there is a lot of great things going on in Greensboro and am looking forward to visiting!

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What kind of food are you looking for? Greensboro's downtown has a multitude of options, and are very reasonably priced.

http://www.downtowngreensboro.org/citylight/dining DGI has a great guide.

Solaris has wonderful tapas and a great vibe

Cafe Europa is casual and has a good variety on their menu

Ganache, known for being a bakery, has a rather extensive menu as well (and on nice nights, rooftop dining)

Pizzeria L'Italiano has some of the best pizza in the Triad

Zaytoon is a great place that has local & organic foods, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine, but I think they're only open for lunch

Green Burro has adventurous Mexican food

Those are some of my fav's, but check out the list on DGI's website, it's pretty comprehensive

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