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Metro Seattle Job Losses


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Boeing will cut 10,000 jobs, more than half locally

The commercial division's late 2008 strike certainly didn't help the company as a whole (but then the economy hadn't totally tanked yet then either). Boeing joins Starbucks (Starbucks will cut 6,700 jobs, close 300 more stores) as well cutting local payrolls.

This doesn't mention the state's largest bank going under (Washington Mutual) and being bought out by Chase or Liberty Mutual buying out the state's largest insurance (Safeco)

Seattle once was a city once thought recession proof with Starbucks, Boeing, Nintendo, Costco and such all having such large employment bases in the area plus the fact that the housing boom/bust didn't hit here as hard as California, Las Vegas or Florida.

A recent article showed that the job layoffs have reduced traffic by 2.5% over last years levels.

I just wonder if this metro can pull out sooner rest then the country with all the layoffs/takeovers/etc over the past year or so.

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Washington state jobless rate rises to 9.4 percent in May

It sounds like Boeing may get the Tanker Refiller project back from Airbus and with tech companies, Microsoft, Amazon and so on leading the way, economists here are projecting that this could be the lowest before starting to improve (i'd certainly state 9.4% is pretty high) and a turn around is hopefully coming by the end of the summer.

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